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Correct Chord Diagrams

These Guitar Chord Diagrams created specially for learning to sing and play guitar at the same time. I needed them for webcam lessons. But I have not found the really useful chord diagrams on the internet. They must be included system of root and alternate basses, proper fingering, exact positions of the fingers on the fingerboard, difference between "frets" and "fret wires", and so forth. So I made them.

First guitar lesson: Fretboard and fingers (schematic drawings)

Chord diagrams: Am E Dm Em

Chord Diagrams: Am E Dm Em

Chord diagrams: C G7 G

Chord Diagrams: C G7 G

Chord diagrams: A7 A D

Chord Diagrams: A7 A D

Chord diagrams: D7 B7 (H7) F Bm (Hm)

Chord Diagrams: D7 B7 (H7) F Bm (Hm)

Simplified chord diagrams: G Fmaj7 F Bm

Simplified Chord Diagrams: G Fmaj7 F Bm

Video illustration: Correct fingering for G Major chord (G) is showing the melodic technique of guitar accompaniment.

Time (D. Berezhnyi K. Rupasov)

Singing lessons? Voice? Or guitar lessons? Why is it important to learn to sing and self-accompanying on guitar at the same time. Who teaches this, and where. How to avoid common mistakes in selecting teacher. Pros and cons of learning in various music schools. How not to be caught in a net of video schools. Video lessons, in-person lessons, or online lessons via Skype which is better? There are answers:
Guitar-plus-Vocal School
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