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About the Musician

Denys BerezhnyiDenys Berezhnyi (b. 1974) also known as Denys Berezhnoy is a Ukrainian professional singer-songwriter. He graduated from the vocal department of conservatory. Special feature of his creative work in a unique combination of different genres, styles of music: own songs, arias, romances, world popular songs, ethnic (Gypsy, Spanish, Latin American) music, French chanson, art songs, performed with own guitar accompaniment. Recording simultaneously, without any overdubbing, multitracking, and audio mixing. Concerts mostly without a microphone.

From interviews:

“...No matter how much different orchestras, music groups or rock bands accompanied me I always return to own guitar accompaniment. The more challenging the song is the more thrilling it is to perform it professionally and beautifully by means of only voice and guitar”. (read more)
“...It's important for me, the idea of kinship, unity of works of different vocal genres and the possibility of this way of they combining, through execution of the same instruments (voice and guitar)”.

He worked his way from a street and restaurant musician to the opera and concert singer. In the early 90’s as a member of several rock bands and a regular member of the Afghan telethons of repentance. Thereafter, along with studies at the conservatory, constantly gave concerts. He sang in many places — underground crossings, town squares, discothèques, clubs, restaurants, radio, television, music festivals, theaters, and concert halls. He formed his own audience during that time and he is working with these people now.

Discography (details):
Callsign “Donetsk”. Russo-Ukrainian War Song Cycle (13.03.2014–2022)
Prewar (2013–2014)
Ploughman’s Pathos (2012)
Forward-backward (2012)
Our Honour (2010–2011)
Adamo in Russian (2010/2017, Joint album)
Intellectual’s Comfort (2009)
Gathering of Stones (2008)
I am a sun-man and everyone wants to be warmed by my rays (2007, Studio “Laos”)
A Book (2006, Studio DRSTRC)
Shame (2005, Studio “Gorki 29”)
Rebellion (2004, Studio “Gorki 29”)
Belge (2003, Studio “FAT Records”)
Plays at a fork in the road (1993)
The Wind(1990)
The Day (1989)

The titles of several concert programs:

“Musical anthology of contemporary poetry”;
“200-year Echo” Franco-Russian War of 1812 in romances of our contemporaries
(version: Allusions to the Franco-Russian War of 1812 in post-postmodern romances);
“Saint Petersburg romance of the 21st century” Romances and songs on poems by contemporary poets of St. Petersburg;
“Moscow Still Alive” Songs on poems by contemporary poets of Moscow;
“Listen to This Snow” A song cycle on poems by Natalya Malinina;
“Contemporary vocal music. Romances and songs on poems by the Internet age poets”;
“Gubanov. Sosnora. Two northern birds” Romances and songs on poems by Leonid Gubanov and Viktor Sosnora;
“Tick-Tock Citizen” A song cycle on poems by Konstantin Rupasov;
Concert programs “Evolution of Romance” (Parts I and II), which outlined changes to the genre from old times to the most recent trends. For the first time in these programs romances from the operas of Donizetti, Wagner, Bizet sounded with guitar accompaniment of the singer, that is as close to an opera libretto.

Also since 1990 Denys Berezhnyi teaches singing and accompanying on guitar individually, including remotely via webcam since 2011, taught during this time hundreds of people around the world. He was a music producer and arranger for several of his pupils. Educational organizations and individual teachers widely use the practical methods of the Guitar-plus-Vocal School by Denys Berezhnyi in their work.

About the Music

Denys with Dyufa and Phil (Lyolechka) Denys Berezhnyi, professional singer-songwriter who originally unites music of different genres, styles and trends in his art, but persistently follows the principle of individualism in performance.

Creation biography of singer includes a lot of concert programs on various topics:

Opera, classical, modern chamber and vocal music. One of outstanding programs is “Evolution of Romance” in which arias and romances from operas are sung with guitar accompaniment of performer. This style referred to as Progressive romance embraces both singing and guitar-playing skills and does not allow any other accompaniment and artificial overlay of different parts.

Ethnic music. Folk songs of Kalderash and Russian Gypsies (authentic performance and performance of Russian and Ukrainian translations), Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish, Peruvian and Bolivian (Latin American) folk songs.

Classics of world popular music.

War songs. Classics of bard songs, criminal genre, and also classics of rock music.

Programs of own songs which represent modern serious music since late eighties till now.

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